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Tire tread guage$2.00
Stopping skill tester$1.00

Home Repair/DIY

Vintage fuse box fuse replacement. Must sign waiver.$1.00
Door height clearance guage. $1.00

Convenience Items / Life Hacks

Shopping cart unlock key (Works at Rome's)
Heavy duty Metal construction.
Shopping cart unlock key (Works at Walmart)
Heavy duty metal construction.


'Lucky' Leaf Lotto scratch card tool$1.00
Dizzy Caribou toy. Comes with instructions.$1.00

(Full Size)
Deluxe 32 piece Chess player set (one 16 pc set shown).
Each rank contains unique embossed design and colour.
Opposing player's set is uniquely coloured but embossed
with the profile of a woman.
Her name is D. G. Regina - the inventor of Chess.


"The Decider". Settle disputes. See who goes first.$1.00
Sleepy-Time eyelid weights (set of two)$2.00

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