This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Cliffe. Selecting the person's name will take you to that person's individual page.

Name Birth
Anthony [I0060]1800-03-10
Anthony John [I0108]1734-10-11
Anthony Loftus [I0003]
Charles [I0018]1846-00-00
Charles Byron [I0038]restricted
David [I0021]
Edith M. [I0066]restricted
Edward T. [I0067]restricted
Elinor [I0089]restricted
George [I0071]restricted
Herbert Ponsonby [I0007]1894-12-23
Jane [I0126]
Jane Catherine [I0064]1798-12-00
Jervais [I0120]
John [I0118]
John [I0125]
Joseph [I0124]
Joseph Byron [I0036]1876-00-00
Joseph S. [I0069]1897-01-13
Loftus [I0075]restricted
Lucina M. [I0140]1876-00-00
Lucius Robert [I0065]1873-01-04
Mabel [I0095]
Margaret [I0122]
Margaret [I0127]
Mary [I0128]
Mary A. [I0068]1874-08-04
Osbourne Dowsley [I0019]1898-12-22
Patrick [I0119]
Tom [I0121]
Victor [I0033]1874-00-00
Walter G. [I0070]1890-04-13
Walter (Polly) [I0034]
William Clendenning [I0073]
William Herbert [I0009]restricted
William S. [I0035]1879-00-00